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It´s a fact that technology today is constantly changing. This constant change challenges organizations to keep ahead of the curve and often times results in more time spent on the changing technology and less time on Company-focused strategic initiatives.

This poses quite a challenge; technology provides the most benefit when users are able to leverage the benefits a specific piece of technology provides. When running an efficient model, how can an organization achieve all of its business goals? At Wireclass, our people are the key to the successful use of technologies. Each highly skilled employee has advanced knowledge on the appropriate use of technological tools. Additionally, they function as the technical liaison for your company. Wireclass technology brings together a group of professionals and technological assets that reduce the risk and increase the efficiency of projects executed in technological environments.


Technological Architecture Definition and Implementation
Unique solutions services and procedures that guide and support the development and operations of a business solution. This implementation works to ensure the quality and optimal operation of the defined technical architecture.

Business Intelligence
Wireclass has worked to evolve BI solutions beyond the mere preparation of a report. Our intelligence accounts for elements such as information strategy, BI architectures, demand management, BI systems construction competency centers (including the software factory mode), metadata solutions and even the outsourcing of the analytical environment itself.

Business Intelligence Outsourcing
Wireclass has proposed a solution that provides outsourcing of Business Intelligence (BI) systems maintenance. We pride ourselves on servicing clientele facing complex strategies with features that differentiate from other business applications in the maintenance stage.

Technological architecture outsourcing
During extended periods of time, and working with predetermined quality levels, Wireclass takes over client architecture evolution. During these periods, we align the architecture with the latest market standards, provide the appropriate level of functional coverage and focus our efforts on continuous improvement and optimization.

Outsourcing governance
Outsourcing should be designed to achieve continuous improvement in the service rendered by the IT organization. This is achieved using a proactive and reactive focus: improvement by means of operational management of the service and the definition and execution of the improvement plans arising from the SLA analyses set forth in the outsourcing contract.

Enterprise content management
Wireclass has the partnerships and expertise to monitor existing technology and identify new opportunities. Leveraging web 2.0, document control and content management environments, this knowledge area includes the entire life-cycle, from the definition of strategic internet and intranet plans to portal consolidation / implementation and on-line reputation management.

Document management

For Wireclass, the successful implementation of a document management system within an organization includes the following elements:
  - A reliable document repository.
  - The capability to reconcile the real and virtual worlds.
  - The importance of change management.
  - A Cost-Benefit Analysis.
  - The first steps generate new requirements.
  - Documentation structuring and standardization.
  - Document hierarchy.
  - An accessible and friendly solution.
  - A monitored methodology.
  - An experienced work team.

Oracle specialization group
Wireclass knowledge areas are operated by highly specialized teams that allow the company to offer clients solutions that have been developed using the most recognized Oracle products: SOA, Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI), Oracle Web Center & UCM, Identity Management and Oracle Applications (e-Business Suite and Siebel).

Banking architectures
Banking IT teams at Wireclass specializing in the development of architectures to cope with the evolution of financial institutions technical requirements. The technological focus is supported by SOA and provides specific open source based solutions that can be integrated with commercial products. This mix is used in order to minimize start-up costs and maximize value over the course of system life-cycles.

Cloud computing
Cloud Computing is a demand based IT services delivery model that is supported by virtualization and distributed computer technologies. The Cloud Computing architectures provide the following benefits: system flexibility and scalability, almost immediate service rendering, shared and efficient use of the resources and infrastructure required for managing IT assets.

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