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Knowledge Is Power - We believe in the concept of simplified knowledge so that even individuals working in any domain will find our courses easy to learn.Learning computers has never been so easy.

Our experts panel has the best tutors and professional experts who have provided their valuable input to make the courses user friendly and knowledgeable. Live interaction with the tutors have made the session creative and dynamic.

  PHP Basic
  PHP Intro    
  PHP Install    
  PHP Syntax    
  PHP Variables    
  PHP String    
  PHP Operators    
  PHP If...Else    
  PHP Switch    
  PHP Arrays    
  PHP While Loops    
  PHP For Loops    
  PHP Functions    
  PHP Forms    
  PHP $_GET    
  PHP $_POST    
  PHP Database
  MySQL Introduction    
  MySQL Connect    
  MySQL Create    
  MySQL Insert    
  MySQL Select    
  MySQL Where    
  MySQL Order By    
  MySQL Update    
  MySQL Delete    
  PHP ODBC    
  PHP Advanced
  PHP Date    
  PHP Include    
  PHP File    
  PHP File Upload    
  PHP Cookies    
  PHP Sessions    
  PHP E-mail    
  PHP Secure E-mail    
  PHP Error    
  PHP Exception    
  PHP Filter    
  jQuery HOME    
  jQuery Intro    
  jQuery Syntax    
  jQuery Selectors    
  jQuery Events    
  jQuery Effects    
  jQuery Callback    
  jQuery HTML    
  jQuery CSS    
  jQuery AJAX    
  jQuery Examples    
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